Denis & Sue Collen

Sue and Den have lived in Harrow for over 20 years but have only recently realised the great potential for improving health, fitness and well-being by exercising outdoors in them. Sue was always a keen tennis and netball player, but after two ruptured Achilles tendons and the beginnings of arthritis in her knees, Nordic walking fitted the need to keep exercising and be outdoors at the same time. Den suffered heart failure in 2010 and was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes at the same time. His journey back to health and fitness has been slow but steady, with many lifestyle changes needed. One of these was the need to get more physical exercise and he has undertaken the London to Brighton cycle rider twice. Through Sue he discovered Nordic walking, an activity they have enjoyed together and he brings his passion to share his story and the lessons he has learned with others to Harrow Striders. Harrow has a huge array of free green spaces, parks and woodland areas. Together as Harrow Striders, Sue and Den have developed their Nordic walking programmes around these outdoor spaces to offer a wide variety of walks to meet the differing needs of people in our communities. There are weekly walks in the parks around Harrow and more adventurous walks in the evenings and weekends in the country parks and nature reserves around Stanmore